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Our Treasury division manages Westend Bank’s liquidity, refinancing and interest rate risks. It is also responsible for managing our relationships with other banks, institutional investors and rating agencies. Our approach prioritises cost-efficient and resource-saving compliance with all essential core management parameters and adherence to liquidity requirements.

We intend to expand our external refinancing activities by issuing SSDs (promissory notes) in 2022. They will allow investors to participate in our financing engagements, such as energy transition project financing.

A stable investment

Westend Bank’s SSDs offer a reliable source of regular interest income and an attractive yield. They are an ideal choice for institutional investors, family offices and insurance companies that are aligned with our stable and long-term perspective, as well as our sharp focus on managing risk across all the projects we finance.

Our sustainable approach aligns with investors who understand they have the power to change the world through their choices. We avoid exposure to activities that could be harmful to people or damaging to the planet, and instead actively seek out dynamic projects that contribute positively to both society and the environment.

If you would like to join other investors who are diversifying their portfolios with Westend Bank’s SSDs then please contact us to find out more about the opportunities available.

Key Features

  • Relatively low-risk investments
  • Attractive rates of interest income
  • Backed by a stable issuer with a private ownership structure and successful track record
  • Long-term and sustainable approach to supporting dynamic areas of today’s economy
  • Different investment terms available of 2–5 years
  • Investments starting from €1 million
Ingo Brockerhoff
Ingo Brockerhoff
Head of Treasury
Telephone +49 69 660 595 6 51

Ingo Brockerhoff has been the Head of Treasury at Westend Bank since 2021. Previously, he spent 16 years at Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG in Germany and abroad in a variety of roles including as Head of Liquidity and Senior Treasury Specialist in Cover Pool Management, Liquidity Management and Value Portfolios.

Before this, Ingo spent nine years in the Treasury of Commerzbank AG in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt in foreign exchange trading and also managed pricing and execution for the FX sales team. He began his career at Commerzbank as a foreign exchange trainee.